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Only about 10 minutes after I started Extus, I was already halfway through. After getting back from the the Totem Pole level, I tried out one of the TV Screens to see how strange they were this time:

...Even more strange than before, apparently. The music for this was the Uranus theme.

I switched back to Godzilla to play another level, and this level was quite a surprise:

It was a normal City level! The colors were gloomy, but even still this was quite a shock. This was the kind of level I would expect to see in a Godzilla game, and I was kind of mad that I didn't get to play it earlier. The music was the Earth theme.

I found it strange that a level fitting a Godzilla game would show up this late. But there's no point crying over split milk, I suppose.

I moved Solomon over to a gray-ish green icon, which turned out to be a giant high-tech Laboratory of some sort:

Lots of mechanical drones in this level, but Solomon cleared through them just like the White Temple enemies. The music was a gritty, industrial beat. There was also a strange, flying cyborg enemy, which was annoying because it would fly away when you jumped to attack it.

Also of interest were these large stasis tanks, holding some kind of monster inside. As you would guess, sometimes the monsters awaken and shatter through the glass.
I tried to get past the stasis tanks as fast as possible, because the monsters inside proved to be vicious little bastards upon release.

At the end of the level was an elevator, which I used to go down to the bottom the level where the exit was. Along the way, I was shot at by security drones. I couldn't leave the elevator, so my only defense was the heat beam.

The last level type was this simple thing that I call the "Heart Temple", for obvious reasons:

Nothing but a big hallway, filled with floating enemies shaped like human hearts.
They're incapable of causing you damage, so what you do is run through the level smashing as many as you can to get all the power-ups. One run through these levels would get the life meter back up to full, and I would greatly appreciate these levels later.

The Heart Temple's music reminded me of a circus tune, had an overly cheerful sound to it which gave the level a really weird feeling.

Having seen all the level types, I chose to fight Gorosaurus using Solomon.

The music for this fight was Gezora's theme.
It was during this fight I realized that Solomon is overpowered: a single well aimed slash can take down as many as 4 of the enemy's life bars.

Due to this, the fight was over very quickly. Gorosaurus had no projectile attacks, or anything else that could match Solomon's deadly claws. But I kept the fight going just long enough to see if Gorosaurus would use his iconic "Kangaroo Kick", and I was greatly pleased when he did:

Even though I knew Solomon was my fighting ace, I used Godzilla to battle Kumonga, just for variety. I briefly considered using Mothra, but of course Godzilla won out.

Kumonga was also a simple opponent, no heat beams or anything. He attacks by jumping on you, stabbing with his mandibles, and also uses his signature webbing stream to paralyze you. Once you get webbed, Kumonga will sometimes take the opportunity to attack, but it's mostly a way to buy some time, like Gezora backing you in the corner until the time runs out. His music was Hedorah's theme.

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